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Earth Foods

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Vitamins - Herbals - Minerals  




Earth Foods is a family owned community health food store providing service to the surrounding community.  Dr. Pappas' staff is knowledgeable and Dr. Pappas provides nutritional consults at his in store office and by phone. 

 We are located at: 4950 York Rd., Rt. 202, Buckingham Green, Holicong, PA 18928

 Our phone number is 215-794-5311

Store hours:

Monday thru Thursday 10:00-6:00, Friday 9:00-7:00

Saturday & Sunday 10:00-5:00

Fresh organic pasture-raised eggs, raw cheeses, organic, grass-fed raw cow & goat milk and meats.


Professional Products are our specialty:

We have 270 brands available including, Designs for Health, Metagenics, Douglas Labs, Jarrow, Physiologics, Metabolic Responce Modifier, Perque, Progressive Labs,  Ecological Formulas, Klair Labs, Allergy Research and more, call 215-794-5311.

CBD oil (hemp-derived), must call store at 215-794-5311


 Checkout the Earth Foods Podcasts. 

 photo-5.jpg   Dr. Phil Pappas ....offering distance health coaching

Have questions about your supplements, your health, your drugs, or your medical care?

Call for a phone consult with Dr. Phil Pappas...  1-215-794-5311 or www.earthfoods@ gmail.com


http://youtu.be/iMJaAirWb2g  A short film about ADHD hosted by Lauren Pappas



 Important information

Note: Earth Foods does not buy bulk product and store it in a warhouse.   We are not a mass merchandizer.  Our products are always fresh from the manufacturer. 

Beware of online unauthorized sellers:

  • Old, expired or past their freshness date.  These products have often lost potency and likely will not meet label claims for listed ingredients.
  • Counterfeit products.  As is the case with other products such as watches, handbags,  make-up and many others, their are counterfeit supplements being sold on the internet.  Buy from a trusted vendor who you know.
  • Damaged goods with broken seals, or previouly opened and repackaged product is not appropriate for consumption.  Unscrupulous individuals may attempt to dump damage products by selling them online at large discounts.
  • Sold by "Bait and Switch."  Resellers often advertise a product for sale but don't actually have the product.  Then they try to sell you a similar product which makes them a bigger profit.

You can trust Earth Foods for the safest and best quality products.





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