ADHD testing

 At last….

There is a simple, easy-to-grasp comprehensive methodology to understand, diagnose and overcome the 12 types and 65 sub-categories.


Age specific testing for:
. ADHD (background history and tests for
. Auditory Processing Disorder each major category)
. Developmental Coordination Disorder
. Directional Confusion
. Dysgraphia (well-hallowed approaches)
. Dyslexia
. Dyspraxia
. Executive Dysfunction Disorder
. Language Processing Disorder
. Nonverbal Learning Disorder
. Social Competence Disorder
. Depression/Anxiety/Frustration/Anger Issues

Home based testing at a reasonable price. 

Testing and results are done at home by parents or the individual.

More diagnostic and depth than clinic based testing.


Testing materials are not returnable or refundable.