Lyme Disease Natural Protocol

Posted by Dr. Phil Pappas 2016 on 20th Jan 2016


Nutritional Support Protocol by Dr. Phil Pappas


Acute Lyme disease (infection with Borrelia burgdorferi) along with Babesiosis, Bartonellosis, Ehrichiosis (tic borne bacteria) may be treated aggressively with antibiotic drug therapy. Oral antibiotics, such as doxycycline, amoxicillin, azithromycin, cefuroximine, and clarithromycin may be used as a front-line therapy.Intravenous antibiotic therapy is considered in cases of acute Lyme disease, which are unresponsive to oral therapy or in cases of chronic recurrent Lyme. Complimentary support with natural agents may be used concomitantly with drug therapy in both acute and chronic Lyme. It is imperative to aggressively treat Lyme in the initial stages, as it is maximally treatable at that time. Chronic Lyme is very difficult to successfully treat and often results in significant neurological and psychological impairment, in addition to the more widely appreciated symptoms, including arthralgia’s (joint pain).The herb berberine, is known to elevate the kill rate of anti-biotics during treatment.

Supplement Recommendations: Lyme disease damages the immune system’s ability to deal with additional illnesses.Building a healthy immune system is the key to overcoming Lyme and avoiding debilitating chronic illness.

Acute treatment protocol

  • Herpanacine for three months
  • Super Coriolus for three months
  • Cat’s Claw for six months
  • Allicin by Designs for Health for one month followed by Oreganol softgels or Oreganol drops for one month.
  • Probiophage DF and Co-Biotic for 30 days post antibiotic therapy. Followed by three months of Co-Biotic (three additional months of both if bowel symptoms persist)
  • Sovereign Silver acute dosage for 7 days followed by six months of maintenance therapy
  • Liver Care by Himalaya for three months (if liver enzymes are elevated three more months of Liver Care
  • Curamin Extra Strength for pain and inflammation as long as needed


  • Immunitone Plus for six months
  • Probiphage DF and Co-Biotic for six months if bowel symptoms are present
  • Phosphatidylserine Caps for six months (if brain fog and other cognitive problems persist, this product should be used for an extended time.
  • Ubiquinol for six months and if energy remains low use this product for an extended time
  • Sovereign Silver for one year
  • Cats Claw for six months
  • Liver Care if liver enzymes remain elevated use Liver Care for three months or until liver enzymes are normal
  • Super Coriolus until the immune system is functioning normally
  • Curamin Extra Strength for pain as long as needed