Your Immune system - What you need to know

Posted by Philip A. Pappas, Ph.D. , CPT, CCHE on 12th Feb 2016

Philip A. Pappas, Ph.D.

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What is the Immune System?

The immune system is the body's defense against infectious organisms and other invaders. The immune system attacks organisms and substances that invade our bodies and cause disease through a series of steps called the immune response. The immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body.

Why is the immune system so important?

Daily immune system maintenance is necessary due to the oppressive factors that are ever present in our environment and lifestyle.Supporting the immune system can help the body reverse and correct many health problems.Preventing serious, chronic, and degenerative illness is the job of the immune system.If the immune system is healthy, it can provide an adequate defense.Caring for your immune system is your responsibility.No one else will do it for you.Get educated about the immune system and stay healthy.

What are the five reasons the immune system fails:

1.STRESS…What is the role of stress?

Stress can be defined as using more energy (mental and physical) than you produce in any given day.If this continues, it leads to burnout and stress disorders. Adequate rest and sleep, massage, psychotherapy, supplements, change of pace or routine, and having fun can all help lower stress levels.Stress is the number one destroyer of the immune system.

2.DEFICENCY….How does deficiency effect the immune system?

3.TOXINS……What is the role of toxin?

Toxins are poisons in the human body.If you continually poison yourself your immune system will be overwhelmed and illness will develop. Detoxification strategies may be necessary if you are exposed to high levels of toxins.Avoiding toxins is the best preventative.Almost all prescription and over the counter drugs are toxic to the human body.Drugs generally never improve the immune system they usually damage it. Daily intake of foods with high antioxidant levels (fruits and vegetables) and supplements will help prevent damage from toxins.

4.INFECTION…..What is the role of infection?

Infection taxes the immune system making it work overtime and depleting it of protective defenses. A depleted immune system increases chances of additional illness.Avoid antibiotics and other immuno-suppressive drugs whenever possible.Support the immune function when you are ill by getting plenty fluids, rest/sleep, and reduce strenuous activity.

5.TRAUMA……What is the role of trauma?

The immune system needs to rebuild or refuel every day. Your defenses are less than optimal if you fail to provide that fuel. This is the opening needed for bacteria and virus to attack to body. Prevent deficiencies by taking a multi-vitamin and mineral; probiotic; digestive enzymes; avoid eating refined carbohydrates and sugar; eat generous portions of vegetables, fruits, and fiber every day.

Whenever you suffer a trauma, the immune system is overworked and depletion results.This can lead to other health problems and often does.Stress ulceration is an example of a secondary illness resulting from severe trauma.

How does the immune system recover?

Immune system recovery is a slow rebuilding of the immune response.Antioxidants in food and supplements remove cellar debris and nutrients rebuild the host defenses. It will not happen over-night but builds back gradually.Supporting the rebuilding effort takes real personal intention.You must make an effort to change what is unhealthful in your lifestyle and support recovery.Live healthy and you will be healthy.

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