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Breathe Healthy 

The lungs and the bronchial tree are vulnerable to many of the insults and injuries the world throws at us every day.  Starting at the sinuses and throat we need to care for this delicate life supporting organ system.  As we inhale, collecting oxygen to supply and replenish our blood, we also inhale toxin and debris.  The body is built to expel foreign matter through the work of mucus and the lung villi. When the lungs are over whelmed damage may occur. Chronic infections can damage the work of the lungs.  Conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), emphysema, and asthma can make breathing difficult.  Exposure to the daily irritants we all encounter can cause problems.  Car exhaust, cigarettes, perfume, cooking, indoor heating, and environmental toxins can irritate as well.  When we get the flu or a cold, recovery can be difficult if our breathing is compromised.  Pneumonia's are another life threatening condition that results from poor lung health.  Pneumonia's kill more people each year in the US than car accidents.  If you are having problems there are many safe and natural products that can help support breathing.

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